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Humble birth, noble claim

Pure of heart, holds no shame

Broken home, fam'ly maimed

Spirits two, bound and tamed

Touched by death, scarred by flame

Crowned in light, cloaked in fame

These Six Signs mark His Name

— Excerpt from Herald's Prophetic Hymn, "A Nascent King"


Everyone knows the prophecy of the Fated King. Everyone knows his Six Signs and Seven Trials. Everyone knows he is the one destined to lead an army of soldiers and fae into battle against the spectral invaders that we call wraiths.

But what if the Fated King failed, and his Prophecy never comes true? What if he was killed surrounded by loved ones and devoted allies? What if he died four years before the inevitable war for our world's soul?

Humanity could not possibly survive without him.

Could we?


Nise 117-563 P.R.

What is False Prophecy? Why should I read it?

False Prophecy is an epic fantasy saga that will be serialized online for free. It takes place during the four years before a world's prophesied apocalypse and follows a large cast of would-be heroes determined to stop their impending demise. At its core, it's a story about damaged and flawed people doing whatever they can to survive and thrive in a realm utterly bereft of hope. No one embodies this more than the main character, Kin  a fourteen-year-old kid that struggles with mental illness, survivor's guilt, and gender dysphoria — who ends up living a lie to inspire and lead their kind in the dead chosen one's stead. Think Mulan x Harry Potter x Mistborn x Worm, plus a splash of Pokémon and various other anime influences. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please give it a peek. If it proves to be, please check out the forum. I'd be elated to have you join the community I'm building.

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